My first fish
My first fish

My name is Jake, I have been fishing since I was 5 years old and my passion for it is still going strong today. The Long Island Sound is the main body of water where I fish, but I have been fortunate enough to have fished in many places: CT, RI, NY, ME, NC, FL, NH. Although I enjoy saltwater fishing the most, I will occasionally freshwater fish. After all, it’s about a tight line.

I enjoy fishing from shore, boat or kayak; mostly exploring spots on my own. I find fishing from a boat better than from shore, so last year, I built a 12 ft power skiff (shown below). The total project took me 8 months, and it was worth every minute; I’ve have caught countless fish on it.

My passion for Marine Biology and environmental science makes me very conscious of throwing fish back. My philosophy is that I want them to continue to breed and feed my fishing addiction.

They’re getting bigger

When I was younger I started off with a Spider-Man rod and a plastic fish casting off my back deck. I have come a long way from then, now my favorite setup is my Shimano Sustain on a Uglystik Intercoastal rod. When bottom fishing I like to use my Diawa Lexa HD on a Uglystick Intecoastal.  In my opinion fishing with lures is much better than bait. When lure fishing, its is more of a challenge, therefore, it feels more rewarding. More fishermen that I see are using bait these days. and the reason I started The Salty Fishermen was to inspire the use of lures. Each of the monthly subscription boxes that I designed contain my favorite and most effective lures.

If given the choice to just bring one lure out fishing I would definitely bring my Super Spook.  You will find one in one of my monthly subscription boxes.

Custom built 12 ft power skiff built for fishing.